Kazuma Sake Brewery shares water in soy sauce brewing and sake brewing.

Kazuma Sake Brewery was founded in 1869 as far as I remember. Kazuma Sake Brewery engaged in soy sauce brewing in the Edo Era. After a time, Kazuma Sake Brewery started to make sake in 1869 as they found the mother water for soy sauce was suitable for sake brewing.

Before the Pacific War, many breweries in old Noto-cho made sake. However, only one brewer in one area was permitted to make sake because of wartime shortages that intensified with the war. Kazuma Sake Brewery happened to make the most sake at the time and became the only brewery in this area, while the other breweries became liquor shops.

We will never forget that Kazuma Sake Brewery is supported by the compassion for sake brewing of many people.