Origin of the name

Kazuma Sake Brewery's high-quality sake is called "Chikuha."

It is derived from an episode accompanying the master brewer before the last one.

Kaichiro Kazuma, then president of Kazuma Sake Brewery who started to make sake, was very interested in tigers. This is because tigers were thought of as phantom animals at the time in Japan, and were euphemisms for the strong kings from many legends. In addition, alcohol is sometimes called tiger in China, and is also called "Chikuyo" as a tiger nests on bamboo grass shoots. The master brewer before the last one named the sake "Chikuyo," wishing to be "the king of sake."

In the beginning, the sake was called "Chikuyo." However, as local people repeatedly called it "Chikuha" in an affectionate way, he changed the name to "Chikuha."