Sticking to brewing

Kazuma's sake brewing by brewers using Noto's water and rice.

Noto's brewers make sake that conveys Noto's climate using Noto's ingredients. Sticking to this, we brew sake that people can feel throughout the body.

With the aid of local farmers, Kazuma Sake Brewery started the culture of Yamada-Nishiki and the contract culture of Ishikawamon, prefectural rice suitable for sake brewing. In order to contribute to maintaining Noto's sea and mountains as officially designated Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, we cultivated deserted arable land to culture Noto's Gohyakumangoku together with young farmers.

We established an experience-type members-only organization [MY-SAKE Club] for people to experience sake brewing through rice making (rice planting, harvesting, and new sake presentation events), in addition to the transmission of information from Noto. We unveil all our sakes for many customers to experience Noto's seasons.

"MY-SAKE Club" means both my sake and "Mai," "delicious" in the Noto dialect.