Sticking to rice

Including rice cultured by brewers, we use 100% local rice polished ourselves.

The most important ingredient in sake brewing is rice. Culturing the rice in Noto and polishing it completely, we now use mainly Noto's "Yamada-Nishiki," "Goyakumangoku" and "Ishikawamon," which are suitable for sake brewing.

With Noto's land in mind, we started to culture organic rice in conjunction with local farmers without the use of chemical fertilizers, aiming at an environment in which we can coexist with nature.

After all that, the paddy fields of our partner Yumeurara were certified as a "Special A Level Paddy Field Environment."

We also polish the rice ourselves. We are now the only brewery that polishes rice in Noto. Self-polishing is indispensable to evaluate the ingredients. It is our policy to obtain brown rice and reselect it.