Sticking to Japanese plum

Of course, we use Noto's plums. We are the first brewery that started to brew plum wine in Noto.

In the run-up to the plum wine boom, three breweries in Japan accepted a request to make plum wine based on sake using plums in different areas. As one of the three breweries, we started to make plum wine in Noto.

The brewer of three generations earlier played a part in the preparation of "local plums" at the time. In his hometown, plums were grown, and he helped with culture after sake brewing. He has strong ties to his hometown, which helped us collect local plums.

Since the first time we made plum wine in Noto, the head of our brewery has tried unique sake brewing methods for better plum wine every year. Our new types of plum wines and yuzu wines using local starch syrup have received favorable reviews. All of our wine is made from Noto's ingredients.