Sticking to water

Looking for water optimal for sake brewing, we check sources of spring water one after another in Noto. The water we found is...

We now use super soft water springing from the hillside of a mountain in Yanagida-mura (which is now integrated into Noto-cho) for sake brewing. The water in Noto is intrinsically suitable for sake brewing. The best water we found through careful selection is water in Yanagida-mura, Fugeshi-gun.

Yanagida-mura is the only hinterland that does not face the sea on the Noto Peninsula. This land, typical as a source of spring water, is a mountain managed by the previous brewer of Kazuma Sake Brewery.

During the careful selection of the water, the previous brewer said "I know delicious water that I drink when I am thirsty." We analyzed it and found that it was suitable for sake brewing. We use a tank truck to carry the water to us. This tank truck played an active role in carrying the sake of other breweries at the time of the Noto earthquake. The water we use is also deeply associated with Noto.