Sentiment of the president

Imagining, wishing for and drawing the future of Okunoto

"Through brewing sake which soothes a mind deeply, we create brilliant heartwarming company and spiritually rich Noto."
This is the management philosophy Yoshio Kazuma, the last master brewer of Kazuma Sake Brewery, created.
Through Chikuha, the sake of Noto, we will melt people's hearts, boost the prosperity of homes and businesses, and create the rich future of Noto. I, as the youngest president in the Japanese sake industry, will make these words the pillar of Kazuma Sake Brewery.

Making sake in Okunoto aligns local businesses including agriculture. Creating and fostering this alignment is the wish and passion of successive master brewers of Kazuma Sake Brewery.

People in Okunoto have shared rich soil and water, foods from the sea and mountains, together with joy, through Kazuma's sake with its soft and warm feeling.
We will make Chikuha from the nature of Okunoto and its people. We would like as many people nationwide as possible to taste our sake.

Thinking about this area leads to making it prosperous.

Our job is to share the hope of Okunoto with everyone.

Kazuma Sake Brewery Inc.
CEO kaichiro Kazuma